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bitches gots to learn

Anonymous: the variety of your blog makes me laugh. one moment you have onedirection and the next you have porn and hiorror.


my life also makes me laugh, im glad we agree

Anonymous: I hope you take this as a compliment but you look like a younger version of the beautiful Dita Von Teese with a less severe jaw.

as if i wouldn’t take this as a compliment! that’s made my day aw x 

Anonymous: Do you follow duralit?

dont think so, why?

Anonymous: whera are you from?

the uk like an hour from london 

Anonymous: your eyes <3

aw, thanx xox

Anonymous: not sure how i feel

about what?

Anonymous: would you care if someone called you a bitch to your face?

only if like 3 people said it to me, the rest i wouldnt give a shit 

Anonymous: are you a bitch?

queen of…..

Anonymous: what appealed to you about the video of the speaking dubbed over the picture of the moors murderers?

the word appealed makes it sound really dodge. idk man, i like throbbing gristle and the part where he reads about ian brady and myra hindley it just really creeps me out. nothing creeps me out more than the moors murderers. 

Anonymous: who is that in your side picture?

im guessing the side picture is my avatar thing y/y? its john frusciante

Anonymous: BOOBS



Anonymous: Do you masturbate??

are you retarded? :-))))

Anonymous: That's cute. What's he like?

amazing and perfect. i don’t want to sounds cringe and 13, but he really is amazing. :~) 

Anonymous: Do you have a boyfriend?

i do :~) 

Anonymous: Would you ever film a make up tutorial?

urm no because im super self conscious and sound like a twat on camera and there isnt really anything special about the way i do my make-up but if you came off anon id tell you what i do? :-s idk if thats helpful 

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